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The Super Starch Solution

The Super Starch Solution

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The miraculous WHITE STARCH you’ve never heard of…until now

Most of the carbohydrates in our diet are starches, which are simply long chains of glucose mostly found in grains, potatoes and various plant foods.

But not all of the starch we eat gets digested. Not all of it raises your blood sugar. Sometimes a small part of it passes through the digestive tract unchanged.

In other words, it is resistant to digestion.

This type of starch is called resistant starch, and it actually functions much like soluble fiber. And as I showed you earlier, many studies in humans show that resistant starch can have powerful health benefits such as:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Reduced appetite, and
  • Greater weight loss

The Defeating Diabetes Kit

Inside this diabetes-fighting resource, not only will you learn exactly how to harness the power of resistant starch but you’ll also discover a host of other strategies for reversing your diabetes – once and for all. No drugs. No expensive treatments.

Just 100% natural solutions that are SAFE and EFFECTIVE, including:


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