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Renegade Mindset Techniques For Fighters

Renegade Mindset Techniques For Fighters

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Discover the Secret to Crippling Your Opponent’s Focus with a Glance, Hannibal Lector-Style Calm in Fights and the Underground Techniques for Triggering Match-Dominating Aggression at Will


1) Renegade Killer Confidence

  • Change the habitual response of negative pre-fight feelings to an unstoppable, positive state.
  • Overcoming pre-fight anxiety, worries, and pressures means the difference between losing and winning.
  • Even the best fighters have pre-fight anxiety. They learn how to channel these feelings in a way that boosts their performance.
  • Turn your anxiety into a fuel that drives you to victory.

2) Renegade Rapid Recovery

  • Attitude and mental expectation play a huge role in how well and fast you recover.
  • Encourage Rapid and Full Recover
  • Research shows that hypnosis helps boost the immune response, and this is the key to recovering rapidly.
  • Being calm and optimistic and devoting time to visualize yourself recovering is what this program helps you do.

3) Renegade Fighter and The Mind's Eye

  • The best fighters train themselves to enter “The Zone” on command. This is the focus of this program.
  • Many fighters lack the concentration and frame of mind that is required to make each move completely efficient.
  • You will build your power with this program by finding your center and your balance.
  • Learn to drain your opponents’ energy as you build up yours.

4) Renegade Fighter Speed Demon

Time is only perception. My baseball players use this fact all the time by training themselves to imagine the pitch flying at them at a much slower speed than it actually is moving. This program will do the same thing for you... you will learn how to perceive your opponent moving slower than he actually is. This allows you more time to react and move in for the victory.


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