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Obesity Treatment

Obesity Treatment

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The two main causes of obesity in children and young people are

  • lack of exercise and
  • wrong diet.

Because both of these are not only the problems of the affected children, but also the issues (and most often even caused by mistakes) of the parents, our treatment for obesity in children is dual, and both of this fields are similarly important.

We educate parents about what they should give their children to eat and what they never should give them. We talk to the parents about the importance of proper nutrition and give them examples of healthy, but yet very tasty food. 

We tell the parents which kind of exercise are good for their overweight children and teach them how to do them.

After a consultation with the parents we compile a diet and excersice plan.


What a visit to Andalucía Health involves?

If you decide to visit us for a treatment we will sit together with you and your child and have a chat about the problems. Then we will discuss the causes of these problems and eventuelly find a solution. We will set a goal, make a commitment and give us a deadline when we have to accomplish this goal.

After this consultation you will get a diet and exersice plan. 

Ideally you stay three weeks with us, and your child will have acupuncture three times a week, which will support the weight-loss. If your child is too sensitive for acupuncture, acupressure could be done instead of it, but it is not as effective as acupuncture. 

However, if you don't have the time to visit us or whatsoever, we still can be at your service. As obesity isn't a disease which requires "live medical treatment", your issues could be discussed via mail or phone and a suitable treatment plan can be worked out this way. We will show you the best acupressure points to support weight-loss and will provide an online support for you, until you reach your goal.


Please note: Losing weight is a long-term project, you may not see the effects you want in the first couple of weeks, because we aim for a weightloss of 2 lbs a week, because it's the only way to lose weight in small steps. 


If you are interested in a treatment with us, please contact us at, we will return to you in the shortest time possible.


Please note: The fee of the treatment is negotiable. Feel free to make an offer.

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