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Learn how to win a fight

Learn how to win a fight

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Here's a small sample of what you'll learn in The Street Fight Academy:

  • Little known joint tricks that work best on large attackers. Use their size against them and make them pay for picking on the little guy!
  • How to fool your attacker into opening up large, vulnerable targets (they never realize they've been set up until they're already on their back!)
  • How to drill into hidden soft spots causing relentless pain and sheer panic in your attacker. They'll completely shut down from the shock!
  • The one simple knockout technique that's guaranteed to be more powerful than your biggest haymaker.
  • A fast, simple technique that will drop an attacker to the floor with nothing but the flick of your wrist!
  • All the hidden "tells" that show you exactly what your attacker is going to do next, with stunning accuracy.  NEVER be caught off guard again!

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