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Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success

Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success

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Here's  just some of what what you'll discover in the"Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success" course:
  • Your MIND is your most devastating weapon. Smart beats force every time. Get the skill accelerating mental training that makes you the Einstein of any fight
  • The essential insider street effective knowledge that will save your ass (Don't be one of the many martial artists who get whipped big time out there in the real world)
  • What your 6th sense is, how to pump yours tenfold and how to utterly obliterate your opponent's with devastating effect.(did you know you actually have 12 senses?)
  • The truth about the one inch punch, made famous by Bruce Lee, and how to perform it.(Once you "get it" it will unlock many skills)
  • The secret of rookie Australian Wing Chun students who won world full contact titles and how you can benefit immensely from it.
  • What elite professional athletes pay tens of thousands of $$s for at their special secluded training camps disclosed. 
  • How to wire open the brakes on your speed so that they won't even see what hit them till it's all over
  • No matter how hot you are your biggest obstacle in any confrontation or bout is FEAR. Find how to blow it away for maximum effectiveness
  • How to take out big guys on the street or in the dojo. (hey they're human after all. Well most are anyway!)
  • What most martial arts instructors don't teach you because they know Jack Shit about it themselves
  • The most fantastic bruising and soreness remedy for fastest recovery. (if you train as you should you WILL need this)
  • The key of enjoyment that unlocks your speed and ability that will seriously freak you out
  • The no nonsense food intake you must follow to be as sharp physically and mentally as a samurai Wakizashi. (another great benefit is that it tastes sooo good too)
    • Why your weight, strength ,speed and agility are the least important parts of winning a street fight. (and why the one simple secret that is important will give you an immediate and enormous advantage over any other fighter you meet)
    • How to use a little know "secret step" to always gain ground on your attacker (you'll be over them like a tsunami before they can blink)
    • The simplest move so effective in ending fights that gives you an instant advantage over any attacker no matter how tough or large. There's no defence anyone can use against this.
    • Discover how to rewire and turbo charge your brain to quickly and easily "own" brand new moves and techniques that you struggled with big time before
    • Discover the reason you probably weren't wired fully right from birth and how with some simple tools I give you, you can now complete the job and get massive results fast
    • Get the step by step success automation master plan that virtually guarantees success in anything you really want to achieve. Kick procrastination in the ass and out of your life forever
    • You will uncover mind  secrets to melt away the roadblocks that  always seem to smack you between the eyes
    • The proven secret to pack the most training into half the time and how you will absorb any techniques much more effectively in double rapid time
    • What you absolutely must do to prepare for any surprise attack so you can waste the ass almost as fast as if you used a hand gun
    • The surprise "do nothing" skill enhancer method that I stumbled on to that has blown away anyone with amazement that I've taught it to. You will be too when you use it
    • The instant "simple to learn" technique test to weed out moves that will waste your valuable time and leave you vulnerable in any "on the street" confrontation

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