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ED - Erectile Dysfunction - Treatment

ED - Erectile Dysfunction - Treatment

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Unlike to to orthodox medicine and most of alternative medicine too, which only treats the symptoms, our method at Andalucía Health fights the causes and the roots of ED.

Again, in contrast to orthodox medicine and most parts of alternative therapies too, where patients have to take the drugs and medication, with all their side effects, risks, dangers and contra-indications, a life long, our method at Andalucía Health provides the patients a life without drugs and their scary side effects. After the therapy with Andalucía Health patients will get rid of ED, because the causes of this disease don't exist any longer.

Another advantage of Andalucía Health, which makes it superior to all the other therapies is, that the success rate of our method is much higher than in all the other methods. Plus, there are no restrictions to patients with other diseases, unlike in most other therapy forms, where people with diseases, such like diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, and similar diseases can hardly be treated without the experience of serious side effects.


What is our method at Andalucía Health?

We at Andalucía Health follow a holistic approach in the treatments of our patients.
That means, we don't treat the apparently erectile dysfunction, but we look deeper and try to find out the underlying problems.

Once we found them, we treat them adequately with cupping therapy, and set up a nutrition plan specially tuned to the needs of each patient. With cupping therapy, we are able to treat erectile dysfunction and the underlying problem at the same time, so we have a doubled effect.

The treatment contains 6 to 8 sessions, according to each patients needs, with a previous examination where the disease history will be discussed in detail.

Sometimes it may require a few sessions more. Ideally, the therapy extends 6 to 8 weeks, with one treatment per week. But if needed, the therapy can be cut down to 2 weeks with a treatment every other day.


If you are interested in a treatment with us, please contact us at, we will return to you in the shortest time possible.

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