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Cupping - Hijamah in children

A study made by the medical faculty of Kermanshah university, Iran, done by 4.000
children over the age of 1 and under the age of 10, from whom 3.000 children were
treated with Hijamah, showed the difference between the children, treated with
Hijamah to the 1.000 others as follows:

1- After Hijamah children got less colds and influenza, their immunity system was stronger. The same counts for adults.

2- Moodiness, petulance, temper, behavior disorders and aggressive behavior has dropped down to a minimum.

3- The children grow faster and had a increase in height and weight.

4- Their appetite towards food increased.

5- Increase in concentration in children and adolescents. Strengthening of learning, intelligence and memory.

6- It makes the sexually aspect for adolescents who are on the way to puberty much easier.

7- Gained a more beautiful and happier face, skin and hair.

8- Most important, it is very beneficial for children, whose parents complained about children which "dislike whatever you give them" or "always unhappy" appearing children.

9- Children who got hijama done on their head or behind their ears, developed much faster than their peers in regard to showing interest to their lessons and they learned faster.

10- Dis-behaviors like grudge towards siblings and not sharing toys disappeared totally. Also it has been seen, that they are behave more mature than one could expect from their age.

11- In children with wetting problems Hijama showed in 92% of all cases success.
From whom 83% stopped wetting totally, the rest improved to a level, that wetting
happened very rarely.


Hijamah heals definitively 43 diseases in children alone with no other treatment.
Among this diseases are some, modern medicine didn't find a solution yet, like
sinusitis, allergy, loss of appetite, wetting, shortness and acne.

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