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Acupressure for quiting smoking

These Points will help you tremendously during your first few days of withdrawal.

Use them together with some change in diet... and you will just breeze through the process... (really!)... just like that.

Tim Mee - Stop Smoking Point

How to find it: It's level with LU7 and next to LI5 in a depression between the tendons that make up the 'anatomical snuffbox' - Check it out... I'm sure you'll find it. Press gently in circular motion until you feel completely past the 'smoking craving'.


Auricular (ear) Acupressure Points - to use for all types of addictions.


1. Point Zero - general homeostatic balance
2. Shen Men - stress, anxiety, excessive sensitivity
3. Autonomic Point - balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, blood circulation
4. Thalamus Point - over excitement, shock, sweating
5. Endocrine Point - balance endocrine hormones, hypersensitivity
6. Master Oscillation Point - balances left and right hemispheres
7. Allergy Point - reduce allergic inflammations, eliminate toxicity
8. Tranquilizer Point - general sedation, anxiety
9. Master Sensorial (eye) Point - tinnitus, blurred vision
10. Master Cerebral Point - nervousness, anxiety, fear, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

You won't need all of the Acupressure Points... see which ones works for you...

I recommend to use the Master Cerebral Point, the Thalamus Point and the Tranquilizer Point.

You can use your index and thumb and just gently (or vigorously... if needed) massage... you can do it anywhere... especially useful in situations where you need to be calm and focused...


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